Here is a bit about FedUp’s history from Pastor Anna’s sermon: 

"One day in August of 2020 while driving a colleague with a broken foot, Pastor Sara, from her church to her house, we stopped to get Culver’s because they have gluten free buns. When we got back to her house we sat at her kitchen table, and on three Culver’s napkins we imagined together a ministry that would let me continue to stay in the Midwest after my internship was over.  

Y’all, this is how I knew the Holy Spirit was at work because I’m from the south where it’s warm, and my feet used to have a tan on them year-round from my sandals. Now I was trying to figure out a way to stay in a place where it snows from October or November through May? No way. Again, not my plan y’all. 

We were given a vision outside of the box we put church in. A vision to create an inclusive community that was built around one or more of the many needs in our community, namely food insecurity and the other issues that stem out of it.

My wife was food insecure in college and I was during my first marriage and all throughout seminary. Food stamps helped in seminary, but back in Tennessee my mom would occasionally take my daughter and me to the grocery store to buy us food when my daughter’s dad didn’t make the tips we had expected that weekend. 

There is so much shame and stigma around being food insecure. A large part of society thinks that people on food stamps aren’t doing anything to better themselves or give back to the world. Our kids have to think about everything they want to do in the world from a financial perspective before anything else. It’s heartbreaking. 

And that’s why, when writing on those napkins in Pastor Sara’s kitchen, we knew that our main objective was to serve gourmet, food truck style food with dignity, to all those who came to our truck."